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HEK Easylifter


Developed from established and proven technology with the mast climbing work platforms being extensively used in the construction industry for powered access to facades as a safe, flexible and cost effective alternative to scaffolding and suspended systems.

The Hek Easylifter is now available to provide the same safe, flexible and cost effective alternative to scaffolding and suspended systems for lift shafts, stair cores and larger service ducts.

The unit is small enough to fit in most lift shafts, allows the platform to be configured to the optimum size and shape, is quick to erect and dismantle, simple to operate, has a fully equipped work platform with power and lighting and provides free uninterrupted movement of personnel and equipment up and down the shaft.

The platform has the advantage of not only being used by lift engineers but also many other trades to undertake works more economically and with enhanced safety.

The Hek Easylifter is the most reliable, efficient, productive, cost effective and above all the safest method of lift installation and other shaft work available today.

HEK Easylifter

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Technical Data

Max payload
750 kg (175 mm x 175 mm Mast) 1200 kg (450 mm x 450 mm Mast)
Hoisting/descending speed
9.7 m/min
Platform size/shape
Configured to suit
Max height free standing
6 m
Max height anchored
100 m (175 mm Mast) 200 m (450 mm Mast)
Max height last anchor
3 m
Distance between anchors
6 m
Mast section length
1.5 m
Lowest transport height
1.8 m
Height of platform
1100 mm
Power supply
415V, 3 phase, 50 hz
Starting current
Power consumption
2 x 1.5 kW

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Request for quotation: Mast Climbing Work Platforms

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