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Would you believe it!


Scando 650 Hoists featuring in a documentary series about sofas, stockings and scanners.

Would you believe it!

The recently broadcasted BBC documentary ‘Everyday Miracles: the genius of sofas, stockings and scanners’ features a marvellous section on the Forth Crossing Bridge in Scotland ,and the construction work behind it. However wrapped in the marvel of this skilled engineering is Alimak Hek, and of course being so deeply involved in the project the BBC have given us our 5 minutes of fame.

Three bridges depicting the pinnacle of design & engineering through the ages, still stand as a significant infrastructure representing Scotland. The forth bridge, partner to the Forth road Bridge, are soon to be accompanied by an innovative addition to Forth Bridge family, The Queensferry crossing.

Towards the end of the documentary, 49 Minutes in, they begin the journey of the Forth Crossing Bridge. This includes our Scando 650, Alimak Hek’s most popular construction hoist concept. The hoists were used to allow access to the 3 Caissons, and then above the water level to access the towers.

The Towers are inclined at six degrees, which then curved 60 meters in height and then inclined again at 1 degree above 60m; this would be an issue for most but not for Alimak Hek.

Alimak Hek design teams from both the UK and Sweden worked with FCBC in the development of these solutions, where understanding of the client’s requirements during the design stage was critical to ensure a practical solution could be offered.

The project consisted of 6 x Scando 650 DOL & FC Passenger/Goods Hoists with a 1.5m wide x 3.2m long cage and 2 tonne capacity. Speed 42m/min, 3 travelling 210m and 3 50m.